The Carbon Neutral Pallet Wrap

As part of our commitment to sustainability and responsible growth, we are proud that Wraptite Eco Wrap, our low waste palletwrap, is now available as a carbon neutral product

Working with Climate Partner we have taken comprehensive steps to avoid and reduce carbon production associated with the supply and manufacture of EcoWap.  All unavoidable emissions are offset with a fully certified carbon offset programme.

Wraptite Pallet Wrap Extended Core

Climate Partners

Carbon Neutral EcoWrap is supplied with the relevant certification, and labelled with a carbon neutral badge, with our unique ID number for transparency. Customers can use this and a personalised carbon neutral pallet label to communicate their carbon neutral message to their customers.

Wraptite and Climate Partner

Reduce your plastic waste and your costs!

Within the logistics and packaging industries we often talk about cost per kilo of plastic, but when it comes to wrapping pallets, shouldn’t we talk about price per pallet wrapped?

Manufactured in house using high grade polymers and machinery, EcoWrap is a premium pre stretched wrap that outperforms standard wrap using less material.  This means that by switching from standard pallet wrap to pre-stretched EcoWrap, you not only save money, but you also reduce your plastic waste, and your warehousing costs.

Contact us to arrange a product demonstration today and see the savings you can make with this simple  switch.


Wraptite EcoWrap less plastic waste Wraptite EcoWrap pallets Wraptite-Brochure-EcoWrap Cost Savings

Available Sizes & Colours

EcoWrap Hand WrapClear380mm300m6
Eco Wrap Hand WrapClear380mm600m6
EcoWrap Hand WrapClear430mm600m6
EcoWrap Auto MachineClear430mm3500m6
Power Light Auto, XP500 300% PPSClear500mm2500m12

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

I want to be use low waste pre stretch wrap but will it be strong enough to wrap my pallets securely?

Absolutely! EcoWrap is made using high quality polymers, it outperforms standard pallet wrap in terms of strength and ease of use.

My items are very bulky, will Eco Wrap still work?

I work in a very busy warehouse and use automated pallet wrappers, can I buy a suitable carbon neutral machine film?

My customers want sustainable products, how can I let them know that I am using carbon neutral packaging?

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