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Wraptite are proud to work with leading packaging manufacturers to offer our customers a complete range of packaging machinery.  From manual applications to bespoke, inline, fully automatic systems we have solutions to make light work of all your packaging processes.

Talk to our sales team today, we will be happy to advise you on the most cost effective and efficient machine solutions for your packaging requirements.

We are exclusive agents for Atlanta Stretch,
For more details on their range of pallet wrapping machinery, visit our dedicated Atlanta Stretch page,


Pallet Strapping Machine

Stand alone, mobile machines for plastic strapping.
These machines offer a simple solution for shipping departments with a small to medium volume of orders.

Automatic machine for medium volume of packages.
These user friendly machines can be used on their own or alone or integrated into a packing table.

Pallet Strapping Machines
For busy warehouses and shipping departments, Wraptite offers pallet strapping machines for both horizontal and vertical strapping with the best price to performance ratio on the market


Spiral Wrap Machine

• Ring diameter of passage 1.220 mm
• Belt driven rotation unit
• PLC to control the wrapping cycle
• Fully automatic spiral wrapping cycle
• Pneumatic unit of hooking/cutting
• Photocell to detect the product for the start and stop of the wrapping cycle
• Conveyors speed variable by inverter
• Infeed and outfeed powered conveyors length 1.000 mm, width 1.000 mm
• Infeed and outfeed manual sideguides

Wraptite Spiral Reel Machinery

Shrink Machinery

Manual Shrink Machinery

The chamber shrink machine for manual operations is ideal for smaller operations, offering the ideal solution for all your shrink wrap needs

Semi-Automatic Shrink Machinery

Technical features, including electronic adjustment of welding time and the presence of Teflon-coated blades, which guarantee the complete absence of fumes. At the same time, this angular wrapping machine provides a complete standard equipment: sealing bar and motorized scrap winder supplied. The STEEL IT version of MEDIA is ideal for the needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries.



Case Erector Machinery

The F2000 case former prepares the boxes with the 4 bottom flaps folded, taking them from the side magazine (Box loader). The bottom flaps are closed by adhesive tape and sent to the filling point. This carton erector setup perfect folded boxes, even in case with light cartons, thanks to the special for this machine designed folding device. Any interference between the flaps during folding is completely eliminated.
The compact dimensions allows the machine to be incorporated in existing lines or installed in a limited space.


Case Taper Machinery

Comarme GEM X350 / X360 Case Taper Sealer
Semi automatic self-dimensioning taping machine which seals with adhesive tape the upper and lower parts of uniform boxes.

GEM X350/X360 is especially suitable for sealing tall, narrow boxes as four belts, two upper and two lower, horizontal and parallel to the work surface, are used for conveying.
The use of a single motor for driving the four conveyor belts simultaneously is totally innovative and patented, allowing smooth and even feeding of the boxes.
The speed of the upper and lower belts is in fact the same in mechanical terms.
The upper taping unit has a patented system which, by means of a pneumatic device, enables the subsequent weight on the box to be preset and therefore any differences in height of the boxes to be absorbed.
GEM X350/X360 is equipped with mechanical side arms.
The box is held on the work table with the bottom flaps folded and ready to be filled.
The taping machine, combined with conveyors at outfeed, represents an effective and economic packaging station.


Case Sealer

Gem520 Case Sealer
Semiautomatic taping machine which seals with adhesive tape the upper and lower parts of fixed-format boxes with manual adjustment.

GEM520 is the ideal solution for sealing fixed-format boxes and, with the addition of two accessories (GEM 520 Linea), becomes a complete and convenient packing station.
The upper taping unit has a patented system which, by regulating a spring, enables the subsequent weight on the box to be preset and therefore any differences in height of the boxes to be absorbed.
The boxes are fed by lateral conveyor belts, driven by a single motor thus optimising even sliding of the boxes and ensuring perfect alignment of the upper and lower flaps which in turn guarantees perfect sealing.
Adjustment by means of handwheels is easy and fast, enabling use by non-specialist operatives.


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