Mini Reels / Handy Wrap

Manufactured in house, this handy size role of stretch film, makes light work of all your wrapping and bundling needs.

Its small width makes it super versatile and it will secure your goods more tightly and more securely than tape, while also protecting them against dust, dirt and moisture.

Because there is no adhesive used, this wrap is quick and easy to remove, and won’t tear or damage your products.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and responsible growth, we are proud that Wraptite Mini Reels, are now available as a carbon neutral product.

Wraptite Carbon Neutral Mini Reels Wraptite Mini Reel Stretch Wrap graphic Wraptite Mini Reel Handy Wrap and Dispenser

Carbon Neutral Mini Reels

Working with Climate Partner, we have taken comprehensive steps to avoid and reduce carbon production associated with the supply and manufacture of our Handy Wrap.  All unavoidable emissions are offset with a fully certified carbon offset programme.

Carbon Neutral Mini Reels are labelled with a carbon neutral badge and our unique Climate Partner ID number for transparency, and supplied with all the relevant certification. Customers can use this to help communicate their climate positivity to their customers.


New! Eco Mini Reels

The Eco Mini Reel is a 10 micron, mini plastic wrap, manufactured in our Dublin 15 plant.  By investing in quality polymers we have been able to reduce the thickness of the plastic used, while still ensuring its strength and performance.

  • Less Waste, Using 10 micron plastic instead of standard 17µ or 20µ, Eco Mini Reels generate 33% less plastic waste to recycle. They also  use 50% fewer cardboard cores per length of plastic.
  • Double The Roll Length The lighter film allows us to supply rolls of 300m length, instead of the standard 150m.  We still fit the same number of rolls per box, and per pallet, so now each shipment will carry twice as much film as compared to standard mini reels, decreasing transport costs, and the associated carbon emissions.
Wraptite Carbon Neutral Mini Reels

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