Pallet Wrapping



Available in standard, power or super power stretch.



Superior quality and durable stretch wrapping solutions.



For use on applications where heat makes the use of conventional stretch wrap impractical.

Pallet wrapping is a cost-effective and quick solution to store, transport and distribute pallets of items in a covered, waterproof, secure and stable way.

Whether you are transporting a single pallet or a complete container load, pallet wrapping ensure that your pallets are kept secure and don’t move about during transit.

High quality Hand, Machine & Net stretch film solutions

As Ireland’s leading supplier of premier packaging supplies at unbeatable price points, we are specialists in pallet wrap film.

We manufacture, stock and supply a comprehensive range of stretch wrapping solutions to cover all required applications – including high-strength, high-performance stretch films and a range of pallet wrapping machinery to streamline your packing process.

Advantages of Using Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap is a product that has already changed shipping and storing industries. After all, the plastic film has made the shipping process so much more secure than it ever was. In fact, there are many benefits to using pallet wrap like:

Preserving the Items

Using pallet wrap ensures that packages aren’t directly exposed to environmental elements, such as dust, dirt and moisture, keeping them clean and dry.

Achieving Load Stability

Pallet Wrapping reduces the chance of the products falling and sustaining damage. This makes transporting the packages by forklift much safer.

Improving Shipping and Handling Practices

  • Greater Stacking Height – When it comes to shipping, there are plenty of ways for pallet wrap to be helpful. For example, using pallet wrap with angle boards allows achieving higher load stacks on pallets, helping maximise and make full use of the available storage space.
  • Boosting Productivity – Using pallet wrap is also incredibly easy, so workers are able to secure the loads in the pallets more quickly. Therefore, they’ll be able to get more things done during the workday.
  • Flexibility – Pallet wrapping helps to stabilise irregularly shaped items and hard to stack packages.
  • Having a Clear View of the Inventory

One of the best things about pallet wrap is that it’s transparent. That makes storage inventory particularly easy since all of the labels on the box are visible through the stretch wrap.

Discouraging Theft

Pallet wrap has also proven to be a theft deterrent. Burglars often give up on packages if they have to be unwrapped first.

Our packaging experts are always on-hand to provide any information required and help you find the right solution for your business, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.