Pallet hoods are manufactured and produced to the highest quality. Our pallet hoods are ideal for protecting product from the elements when goods are stored outside. Our pallet hoods can be made to order, but we also carry stock of hoods designed to cover standard pallets up to 2100mm tall. For smaller pallets, we hold a variety of hoods and covers perfect for smaller loads.

Shrink hoods are also available for customers who are using heat guns or shrink tunnels and use the hood not only as a means to keeping out the elements but also to hold and secure their product to the pallets.

We also supply and stock bailer bags and large bags suitable for holding loads up to 75Kgs. For stronger, larger bags ask one of our representatives who will be happy to supply details.


1320 / 230012025Lid
1320 / 2300140075Hood (Small)
1320 / 2300230040Hood (Large)
1320 / 2500230080Hood (Large)
1320 / 25002500100Hood (Large)

The above represent stock items. If the size required is not listed above please let us know as we can manufacture to order.

We are here to assist you, please call us on +353-1-861-2300 for more information on this product or any of our packaging range.