Wraptite Packaging supplies a wide range of low density shrink films and bags. Our shrink film products offer guaranteed strength and protection for the most delicate of products to heavy duty wrapping requirements. All of our films are made to order to ensure that they meet our customers’ requirements.

Shrink films come in a variety of products including layflat tubing, single wound sheeting, centrefold sheeting and gusseted films. We supply coloured material for segregation purposes, blue tint and food grade polythene products. This ensures that we cover all areas of business from warehousing and distribution to food manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

With our extensive product knowledge Wraptite advises on the most cost effective solutions whatever the application. Our strengths lie in our vast experience of polyethylene and our in-house product development specialists who will work with you to create highly bespoke products that optimise your manufacturing processes. Our shrink film products are available in many sizes


Environmentally friendly LLDPE for heavy duty wrapping on manufacturing lines.

PVC suitable for manual low volume shrink machines.

Polyolefin suitable for high speed high clarity production lines.
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Shrink Wrap – FAQs

Q: Shrink Wrap? What is it?

A: Imagine a plastic film that you can wrap around any item, regardless of its shape or size — that is shrink wrap. Once we wrap our object, we then apply heat to the surface, causing the plastic film to shrink. In the shrinking process, it conforms to the shape of our item and seals itself tightly.

People working in all sorts of industries (distribution, warehousing, the pharmaceutical industry, food manufacturing, etc.) use shrink-wrapping to protect their products, ensure easy transport, and improve product appeal. Moreover, shrink-wrapped products take up less storage space, making the packaging method a great money-saving option.

Q: Shrink Wrap and Cling Film. Are they the same?

A: Shrink wrap and cling film look very similar indeed, which might make us think that they are the same thing — but they are not. In fact, not only are these two packaging methods completely different, but they serve an entirely different purpose in both the packaging and shipping process.

We use shrink wrap to bundle numerous products or ensure the safety of individual ones, often in retail packaging. On the other hand, we use cling film to hold loads and products together on a pallet for either storage or transportation purposes.

We wrap cling film — a stretchable plastic film — around a load of products, and we can either apply it manually or by a machine. The elasticity from the film holds the load tightly together.

Shrink wrap is also wrapped around products, but it is then sealed. By applying heat, either by using a heat tunnel or a heat gun, we remove the air, allowing the film to shrink tightly around the contents.

Q: What kind of plastic is Shrink Wrap?

A: In order to best protect and secure products in the retail and shipping environments, we use shrink wrap made of three main polymer plastic films:

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) — Ideal for low-volume shrink machines;
  • Polyolefin (POF) — Ideal for high-speed and high-clarity production lines;
  • Linear Low-density Polyethylene (LLDPE) — Ideal for heavy-duty wrapping on manufacturing lines.

Each kind has different characteristics and capabilities which make them ideal for certain applications. What’s more, each can be co-extruded into multilayer films with different supplements which offer particular barrier properties required for appearance or shelf-life.

Q: What are the main advantages of using Shrink Wrap?

A: In many industries, Shrink Wrapping offers a wide range of benefits like:

  • Protection

When we apply heat to shrink wrap, we create a very tight seal. That plastic seal ensures that the shrink-wrapped products are fully protected. Elements such as dirt, dust, moisture, etc., cannot damage a sealed product.

  • Durability

Shrink wrap contains very sturdy, durable plastic which is difficult to puncture or tear. Plus, unlike some other materials, shrink wrap doesn’t become brittle or weak in extreme cold or in the sun. Once we heat and seal the shrink wrap, it won’t sag or loosen.

  • Tampering

Once we apply it, shrink wrap seals and holds its shape at the same time, which makes any tampering noticeable right away. That is why many food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies started to shrink wrap their products.

  • Affordability

Once we compare shrink wrap to other packaging materials, we will soon realise that it is a cost-effective solution. Plus, since it keeps joined items close together, it doesn’t require much space. Moreover, there is no need to use additional sizeable materials such as boxes. When we manage to save space, we are saving money at the same time — both in transport and storage.

  • Branding

Another great thing about shrink wrap is that we can use it to promote our products by using colours, pictures, words, and logos. From the second we wrap our product in plastic to the moment it reaches our end user, it will be promoting our brand. This marketing tool can increase brand awareness and make us more visible to our customers.

  • Preservation

When it comes to transporting food or extending its shelf life, shrink wrapping is a great option. As a matter of fact, food-grade shrink wrap is a common choice in numerous food production companies.

  • Convenience

The best thing about shrink wrap, and the one that separates it from other packaging materials, is that we can use it for projects of all sizes. For instance, we can use it to prevent exposure to moisture in small electrical wires, or we can bundle and shrink wrap game pieces, candies, and hardware together.

But that’s not all; we can also use shrink wrap kits to weatherise greenhouses and boats. There have even been cases where people shrink wrapped entire buildings to prevent exposure to hazardous materials or chemical leaks.

Q: Why choose Shrink Wrap?

A: Shrink wrap is easy to use — we only need a plastic wrap film and heat. Further, with a single roll of shrink wrap film and a heating source, we can weatherproof, waterproof, and tamperproof basically anything we own. With no restriction on size, we can shrink wrap even our bulkiest items and protect them from harmful elements.

Lastly, most plastic materials used in shrink wrap are recyclable; that means we can toss our shrink wrap in with our regular plastic bags once we’re done using it, and it will be remade for future uses.